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My Account is the official global GPS cache hunt site: the sport where YOU are the search engine.

1. Geocaches in General

1.1. Adopting or Transferring a Geocache

In some situations, a geocache is no longer able to be maintained by the owner. A cache adoption can be processed using the Geocaching Adoption Service without intervention from Groundspeak.

Steps for transferring ownership of a geocache:

  1. The current geocache owner logs in and visits:
  2. Enter the GC Code (GCXXXXX) and click 'Lookup.'
  3. Enter the username of the new owner and click 'Go.'
  4. Click on 'Send Adoption Request.'
  5. The new geocache owner will receive an email. They should log in to the site and follow the adoption instructions provided.

If the original geocache owner is inactive on our site and/or will not use the Geocaching Adoption Service, the interested new party must ask the original geocache owner to give Groundspeak written permission. The owner should inform us at from their Geocaching email account that this geocache can be adopted to the new party with their permission. If the geocache owner is unresponsive and the geocache needs attention, you may write a Needs Maintenance log or a Needs Archived log to the cache page, as appropriate.

Groundspeak will not process a geocache transfer without written permission from the geocache owner. Individual geocaches are owned by the person(s) who physically placed the geocache and/or submitted the geocache listing to Decisions about geocaches belonging to someone who is deceased need to be made by the geocache owner's family since that geocache is now part of the estate.

Grandfathered geocache types cannot be transferred to a new owner. Neither the adoption tool on the website nor Groundspeak will be able to make the transfer for Virtual, Webcam or Locationless geocaches. Archived geocaches cannot be transferred, and rarely will archived geocaches be unarchived for the purpose of adoption.

Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewer Keystone for initially writing this article.

1.2. Images in Geocache Logs

How do I add an image to my geocache log?

To add an image to your geocache log:

After you post a log to the cache page you should click the link below the log that says 'view /edit log /images' or the link next to it that says 'Upload Image'. If you choose the
'view /edit log /images' option, it will send you to a separate page that contains only your log with a link at the top that says 'upload image'.  Click on the 'upload image' link on either page and follow the instructions for uploading your picture.

1.3. Geocaches That Need Maintenance


If you find a geocache that is in need of some help (e.g. container is cracked, logbook is wet), please post a "Needs Maintenance" log on the geocache page so the geocache owner and the community is notified. This log adds an attribute to the page (looks like a red wrench) to alert other geocachers of the needed repairs. Logging Needs Maintenance does not increase find count. Needs Maintenance logs are not forwarded to reviewers.


Once you have made repairs, post an "Owner Maintenance" log on the geocache page. This log removes the Needs Maintenance Icon. Don't let your geocache be filtered out in Pocket Queries by forgetting to remove the Needs Maintenance Icon.

Additional reminders for Geocache Owners:

1.4. I Found a Geocache that Needs to be Archived

If you feel that a geocache listing needs to archived, log onto the geocache page, use "log your visit" and select the log type, "needs archived". Please explain in your log why the listing needs to be archived. This log will be received by both the geocache owner and a local reviewer. The log will not automatically cause the listing to be archived. You may not see any public response to your log.

Please use this log only, if:

Please be thoughtful and deliberate in your decision to post a Needs Archived log, as a flippant/fake Needs Archived log can be offensive to cache owners.

Do not use it if the geocache needs repairs (please use a Needs Maintenance log in this case), or you didn't find it, or the location made you uncomfortable. Please consider first contacting the owner of the geocache with your concerns. Use the profile link next to the geocache owner's name at the top of the geocache page to send an email, as well as logging to the geocache page about your visit.

2. My Account and Profile

2.1. Home Location

Entering your Home Location or "home coordinates" improves the functionality of the web site significantly. For example, this data enriches your quick searches and enhances Pocket Queries.

Your home coordinates are required when submitting a new geocache for publication.

You can choose to use the actual coordinates of your home, or if you choose, a location that is within 2 or 3 miles (3 or 4 km) of it.

To change your Home Location:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the "Your Profile" link
  3. Under the "Search Options" section, click "Update home coordinates"
  4. Enter your city, address or coordinates and select "Search"
  5. Scroll down and select the "Save Changes" button located under the map.

Alternatively, you can use this direct link to take you to the Manage Location page:

Please note: Reviewers do not see your home location; they only see a distance from your home location to your geocache location.

2.2. Validation Code

I created an account. Where is my validation code?

Sometimes automatically-generated emails such as the one containing your validation vode are accidentally blocked by your email program or are incorrectly considered "spam" by your email provider. Try checking your "junk" or "spam" email folder. If the validation code email is not there, send an email to from the email address that you used to sign up for your account and we can manually validate your account for you.

My validation code is not working.

If we sent you a validation code that is not working, have a new code emailed to you via this page:

When applying your code, we recommend that you copy and paste it instead of typing it in by hand.

2.3. Managing Email Addresses

Changing your email address

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Go to "Your Profile" and click on "Your Account Details" (
  3. Scroll to the section for "Your Validated E-Mail Addresses" and select "Change."
  4. The first section shows your primary email address and any others you have added to your account.
  5. To change your email address add the new address.
  6. You will receive a validation email to this address, which you must respond to before Groundspeak will send you any further emails.
  7. When you have added your new email address you can delete the original one using the link beside it to "Remove Email".

Managing multiple email addresses

You can add multiple email addresses to your account using the method outlined above. The first email address you add will be automatically designated as your primary address and will be used to receive general emails from Groundspeak (eg. the weekly mailer, Watchlist, logs on your geocaches, etc) based on the settings you decide. You can however, use a second or third address for other purposes such as emailing the results of Pocket Queries or Instant Notifications.

If you have multiple addresses on your account then you can select which one to use for a Pocket Query results using the drop down menu in the "Output To" section of the "Create/Edit Geocache Pocket Query" page.

If you wish to change your primary email address while keeping multiple addresses you can use the link beside your desired email address to "Set as Primary".

Finally make sure you click on "Save Changes" or your changes will not be saved.

2.4. Newsletter and Weekly Emailer

We can send you a weekly message containing, among other information, recent press and a list of new geocaches in your area.

  1. Set latitude and longitude for your home coordinates at the Manage Location page. 
  2. Modify your account information and check the appropriate boxes at the E-Mail Preferences page.

        ___ Show my email address to other users.

2.5. Email Preferences

Login to your account.

Go to "Your Profile" ( available from the main menu on the left or by clicking on your username in the top right of the scree.

Click on "Your Account Details" ( from the "Quick View" menu near the top of the page.

Scroll to the section for "Your Validated E-Mail Addresses" and select "Change."

The third section of this page will allow you to decide the settings for your primary email address.

Finally make sure you click on "Save Changes" or your changes will not be saved.

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0 item(s)

2.6. Email Missing from

Are you wondering why you are not getting any email from There could be any number of causes for this. Here are a few things to look into:

  1. Check your email preferences at the Account Details Page:
    • Scroll down to "Your Validated E-Mail Addresses" and click the "Change" link
    • Under the "E-mail Preferences" section please be sure that the "I want to receive fun and helpful emails from" box has a check in it.
    • Select "Save Changes"
  2. Check that your account is not listed as "invalidated" by looking at your public profile page. If it is, request a new validation code to be sent by following the prompts in the Account Details page. 

  3. Sometimes, email from is arriving but is filtered from your main inbox into a separate folder. Check your other folders, including the Spam folder.
    • Check your personal Spam settings. Individual users can white list our domain/IPs on their own. A person missing email from us might need to remove us from a personal black list.
  4. In the past, some email providers and some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) blacklisted and labeled us as a "bulk sender." This is true and false. While we do send email in bulk, those filters do not always distinguish between solicited and unsolicited bulk email. If you have another email address you can use, consider temporarily changing your email address on to determine if the issue is based on your email provider or ISP.
  5. Since you want to receive email from us, contact the problematic email provider or ISP and ask them to allow all email originating from the IP addresses belonging to which are listed below. 

Gmail users, you can create a rule to ensure you will receive all emails from

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. At top of the page in the search bar, click the down arrow (if hovered over it says "Show search options").
  3. In the drop-down form, enter "" in the "From" field.
  4. Click "Create filter with this search".
  5. On the next page, select "Never send it to Spam."
  6. Click "Create Filter."
Yahoo users, please see:
AOL users, please see:
Hotmail users, please see:
Comcast users, please see:
Outlook users, please see:
WEB.DE users, please see: users, please see:

Before contacting us, consider looking in our Web Site forum to see if your particular issue has already been reported and (hopefully) resolved. Sometimes, specific issues are widespread so there may be others experiencing similar concerns.

2.7. Friends List - Adding a Friend

To add other geocachers to your My Friends list:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click the “My Profile” link located in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click the “My Friends” link located in the upper right hand corner or visit:
  4. Enter the username of the player you’d like to add and click “Go.”
  5. Enter a message that will be emailed to the other player and click “Send Message.”

The other player will not be added to your friend list until they accept your Friend request. You can see all pending friend requests under the “Pending Friend Request” tab located next to the “My Friends” tab.

2.8. Friends List - How Your Friend Can Accept Your Request

If you try to add another player as a friend and you receive a message that they are not accepting friend requests at this time, this is due to an option that the other player has set in their profile.

To change this setting, your friend will need to complete the following steps:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Visit this page:
  3. Enter your password at the top of the page
  4. Scroll down to the "Preferences" section and check "Allow Friend Requests"
  5. Remember to click the "Update Account" button at the bottom of the page or your changes will not be saved

Once your friend has completed this, you can send them a new friend request. To accept, your friend can visit:

2.9. Translated Languages

We are pleased to offer in 20 languages.  Thanks to more than 150 community volunteer translators, portions of the website are available in: 
English, Deutsch, Ceština, Nederlands, Français, Svenska, Português, Norsk Bokmål, Dansk, Español, Italiano, Català, Polski, Eesti, Latviešu, Magyar, Română, Ελληνικά, 한국어 and 日本語.

You can set your language preference in two places:

  1. You can choose your preferred language from the footer and header on each page.
  2. Or to make a more permanent change to your language, go to

Our hope is to continuously improve translations on the website.  We are working on the more popular pages first

Thank you very much to the community volunteers who translate for the international geocaching community. 

If you would like to help translate the site in your language you can let us know. To learn more about the geocaching volunteers, go to

2.10. Member ID

To find out what your Member ID is, log in to your account and navigate to My Account Details or click here:

Your Member ID will be listed in the box titled "My Profile"

2.11. Password Reset

If you have forgotten your password:

  1. Click on the "Forget your password?" link on the login page, or visit
  2. Enter your username and a password reset request will be emailed to the address associated with the account.
  3. Check your inbox for a username/password reset. The email will be sent to the email address associated with your account. If more than one account is tied to your email address, all usernames using that email address will be included in the email.


    If you have already requested your password and still have not seen the email:

  4. Check your "junk" or "spam" email folder. In some cases, automatically-generated email such as this may be filtered as junk.
  5. If the password reminder email is not located in your spam folder and you still have not received it, please see the instructions about "Email Missing from" (link is below).
  6. Submit a request to us using the link at the left. Be sure to specify the email address associated with your account.

If you have lost access to the email address tied to your account:

Unfortunately, we cannot send private account information to any email address other than the validated email address listed on your account. One possible solution is to sign up for a new free account. You can do so here: You are welcome to view the previous account's logs via the profile page and log your finds again under the new account. It is common courtesy to indicate briefly in the new logs that you are re-logging with your new username, and make sure that the dates are the same as your original visit to the location.

2.12. Photo Gallery In My Profile

Public Profile pages contain a "user gallery" of photos. This is an automatically-created collection of all the photos that user has uploaded as part of all their logs.

For instructions on adding photos to your geocache logs, please visit:

Note that the date we show in the user gallery is the date when the photo is uploaded. We do allow the user to change the date manually if desired. This comes in handy when uploading photos many days after the geocache log was actually posted.

If you notice date anomalies in photos uploaded before mid-2009, it may be because we used to use the date embedded in the image from your camera (EXIF data). If the date on your camera was accurate when the photo was taken, then it would also be accurately displayed online.

2.13. Profile Photo and Avatar

You can add a photo to your Public Profile. You can also specify a different image to be used as your avatar, which is displayed throughout the site and in the discussion forums.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Navigate to My Account:
  3. Scroll to the section for My Avatar and Photo, and click on the appropriate "change" button.
  4. Follow the screen instructions to "upload a new image."
  5. Once you have uploaded the image you want to use, click it. Then use the "select" button above this image to make it the active image displayed to the public.
  6. Your current Profile Photo or Avatar is then shown to confirm your choice.

Your Profile Photo change will take effect immediately.

Since the forums run on a different machine, you will need to re-register the change before the new Avatar will take effect in the forums. To do this, use the link provided on that screen to enter the forums.

2.14. Staying Logged In

Why does the site keep logging me out?


Entering your login and password and clicking "submit" returns you to the login page and forces you to login again.


2.15. Username Change

If you want to change your username, you can do this yourself by going to Manage Your Profile:

Remember, this is the name that will represent you throughout all Groundspeak websites.

Note: occasionally a username turns out to be unsuitable for a variety of reasons. Should this happen, we will ask you to choose a new username; we also reserve the right to change usernames ourselves when necessary. Username changes must comply with the Terms of Use.

Usernames must be between 2 and 20 characters.

If a username already exists and has ever been validated, or the username has been used in any way, then the username is not available.

Once you process your new username, your site statistics will remain the same. The geocaches and Trackables that you own will still belong to you under that new name, and all your found geocaches and Trackables will show as found by your new username. You do not need to transfer them. You may, however, want to update the "Geocache Placed By" field on all caches that you have created.

2.16. Merge or Combine Multiple Usernames into a Team Username

Our system cannot automatically merge two accounts to create one "team" account.

If you'd like to join forces with friends or family members to log geocaches, please either create a brand new, separate account, or make one of the preexisting accounts into your team account.

If you choose to create a brand new, separate account:

  1. Visit the membership page to create a new team account
  2. Log any and all past finds and did-not-finds on the new team account using the date when you found the geocache.
  3. You may want to indicate this in your geocache logs under the new username with a sentence like: "I am logging this old find under my new username." Those on the Watchlist will appreciate this type of information.

If you choose to make a preexisting account into your team account:

  1. You can do this yourself by going to Manage Your Profile:
  2. Pick the new username that you would like to use on the preexisting account. All the historical data will transfer to the new username
  3. If you would like us to disable a username that will no longer be used, please let us know by submitting a request.

2.17. Deleting My Account

Although accounts are never permanently deleted, they can certainly be disabled.

To disable your account, you will need to send your request through the email portal, from the primary email address that is listed on your account. Geocaching HQ will reply to your email to confirm that your account has been disabled.

If you are already using the email portal, simply submit your request below and we will disable your account.

If you're not sure which email address is listed on your account, you can look it up here:

If the email listed on your account is no longer current, you may need to update your profile accordingly and validate it to make sure you can receive email from


If you are a Premium Member and have an active subscription, please log into your account to cancel the renewal. If you have an active PayPal subscription, you may need to contact PayPal directly to cancel it.

2.18. Status Types in a Profile Page

Below are explanations of the different status types you can see in a public profile page:

Membership Status:

Other Status Types:

User Types:

3. More Site Functionality

3.1. Attributes

[updated April 24th]

Geocache owners have the option of specifying attributes for their geocaches. It helps to describe the geocache better at a quick glance.

Once attributes are specified, these are displayed as icons on the geocache page. For example, those interested in dog-friendly geocaches with a scenic view can simply look for the corresponding icons. Premium Members can automate this by using that information as part of a specific filtering mechanism called a Pocket Query.

Cache owners, you can set attributes by using the "edit attributes" link from the Navigation area of each of your geocache pages. Options for attributes are listed here:

When creating a new geocache using the geocache listing wizard, you can select appropriate attributes in step 5.

In May 2011, we added a new attribute:

"sponsored cache" attributeThe "sponsored geocache" attribute is awarded to geocaches developed in partnership between Groundspeak and another company. Groundspeak works to provide a limited number of entertaining sponsored geocaches in order to bring another element of fun to the activity. Many geocachers have enjoyed sponsored geocache programs, from the old Project A.P.E. series to the new and family-friendly PBS Dinosaur Train Geocaching series.

Some attributes that are used for specialty geocaches include:

 Field Puzzle: To be added to a geocache page when the geocache requires solving a puzzle during the activity of geocaching. Geocache types: Mystery/Puzzle geocaches (Unknown).

Wireless Beacon: To be added to a geocache page when a wireless beacon has been integrated into the geocache concept. Geocaches of this kind must be created as Mystery/Puzzle (Unknown) geocaches.


3.2. Field Notes

Field Notes are an easy way to keep track of the geocaches you found during your hunt. now supports Field Notes from your Garmin Colorado as well as Trimble's Geocache Navigator application. Field Notes are available from the My account page, or directly through this link:

With Trimble's Geocache Navigator, you can log your Field Notes on the phone and they show up on this page once you link the phone to your account. While Geocaching with the Garmin Colorado you can upload your finds directly from the device once you return back from your day geocaching.


3.3. Find Count In Geocache Listings

find counts on cache pagesWhy aren't the find counts correct in geocache listings?

Due to the internet traffic we receive on a daily basis, geocache pages are re-generated only when major things happen. For example: new logs are added to a geocache page, a change is made to the description of the geocache, etc.

If you find another geocache, you may see a temporarily incorrect display on some pages that you have touched in the past. Don't worry: this will update once the page gets re-generated.

Fortunately that find number is always correct on your public profile. If someone wanted to find out your current find count, they could simply click on your username and look at your profile.


3.4. Geocaching Live Access and Restrictions

Geocaching HQ is working with select third-party application developers to offer the Public API. Check the Geocaching Live page for a current list of supported applications.

Basic Member Restrictions Basic Members are provided access to 3 full Traditional geocache descriptions per day through the API, with restricted geocache filtering options. After reaching this limit Basic Members may continue to retrieve "light" geocache data, including coordinates, geocache name, and difficulty/terrain information. Under most circumstances this is enough access to continue using the application to find Traditional geocaches. All other functionality such as logging geocaches and Trackables are unrestricted for Basic Members.

Premium Member Access Premium Members enjoy an upgraded experience with applications using the Geocaching Live API. Full geocache data, including descriptions and logs for all geocache types is available to Premium Members regardless of the platform. Becoming a Premium Member of is the best way to take full advantage of any application connecting to the website through Geocaching Live.

3.5. GPS Devices - Adding Your Device

The "Add Device" feature in the gadget section is optional - it is simply a section to review how well your device works as a geocaching device. While the gadget section offers a link to email us a request to add new devices, we are not currently adding new devices.

Here are the steps to add your device to your profile:

  1. From your profile page, click on "Change/Add" (the link appears on the right side under "Your GPS Devices") or go to this URL:
  2. Select "Add Device"
  3. Select the Manufacturer from the drop-down
  4. Select the Device from the drop-down
  5. Click "Select Device" to add this to your profile


3.6. I think I just found a bug in your site. How do I report this?

Occasionally, you may find something on our website that does not work properly. We'd like to know whenever there is a bug so that we can fix it.

Here's what you can do, in this order:

  1. Check our forums to see if this has already been reported by someone else first. This is the most dynamic way to communicate with the active and well-informed community. Fixes or temporary solutions to known issues (workarounds) are also reported in this forum.
  2. If your topic is already posted, add any new information that will help us investigate.
  3. If your topic is not already there, start a new thread. Be sure to use the topic title and topic description wisely. Write something specific. For example, a title like "500 error when editing geoache page" provides useful detail. A title called "help me: I found a bug" does not describe the problem at all.
  4. Help us help you. If we cannot repeat the issue, we cannot repair it so the extra information below is a must. We will get to the bottom of it much quicker if we know about these details:
    1. What are  the specific steps to reproduce your problem?
    2. If you use other browsers on your computer, does it happens there also?
    3. What is your Operating System? Windows XP, Mac 10.4, etc.
    4. What is your browser with version number? IE 7.0, Firefox 2.01, Opera 9.1
    5. What is the GC code? (if the error occurred at a geocache page)
    6. Are there any URL's (web page addresses) that you feel would help?
  5. When you find any thread that is interesting, track or follow that topic: In other words, subscribe to it so you are notified when there are new responses.
  6. If you feel that the issue you see is a personal one and not appropriate to share in a public forum, please contact us privately. See the link below for more information on how to do that or email us using the link on the left side of this page.

Please fix my bug! you pleaded,
But some repro steps are needed,
What you expected to happen
And what actually happened
Help resolve your bugs unimpeded.

- Nate

3.7. Lists

Geocaching Lists allow you to organize geocaches so that you can keep track of your Favorites, watch the activity of geocaches, ignore geocaches so that they do not appear in your search results or Bookmark geocaches into groupings such as "the best geocaches for out-of-town guests."

There are three different types of Geocaching Lists:

  1. Favorites: Geocaching Favorites is a simple way to track and share the geocaches that you enjoyed the most. For every 10 geocaches that you have found, you will be able to Favorite 1 exceptional geocache in your find history. The Favorites accumulated by a geocache are displayed in search results and on the geocache page so everyone can see which geocaches stand above the rest.
  2. Watchlist: By adding a trackable item or geocache to your Watchlist, you will receive a copy of each posted log via email.
  3. Bookmarks: Bookmarks are like a souped-up Watchlist. Add up to 1000 geocaches to each list and share them with your friends. This feature is perfect for planning your next trip.

3.8. Needs Archived Note

What is a Needs Archived note or log?

This log sends an email to the geocache owner and a local reviewer. There are several instances when using a "Needs Archived" log is appropriate. Here are some example situations that warrant a Needs Archived note.

1 - There is a law enforcement, trespassing or similar issue requiring immediate attention. Occasionally, a geocache is placed in a location that is inappropriate because of security concerns - schools, court houses, or airports among the most common.
2 - There is no immediate problem, but it is painfully evident that the geocache is missing AND the owner is missing.

When a reviewer receives a Needs Archived note he/she will usually:

Post a note to the geocache page in response to the Needs Archived log, providing the owner with an opportunity to fix the problem, and following up in a few weeks to make sure the issue has received attention from the owner. In cases where there's a legitimate maintenance need like a wet or possibly missing container, but not a trail of evidence that the owner has ignored their responsibility, it is appropriate to give the owner a fair chance to respond.


Do nothing. Some Needs Archived notes are logged purely as a matter of frustration, either because of a personal dispute with the geocache owner or an inability to find the geocache. New geocachers sometimes mistakenly assume that because they cannot find the geocache when their GPS zeroes out, it *must* be missing and therefore should be archived. Other folks simply choose the wrong log option by accident. Each day, there's a Needs Archived note that says "we really enjoyed the hike to this beautiful spot. We took a toy bear and left a screwdriver set. Thanks for the geocache."

3.9. Printer-Friendly Pages

Do you need to print out a geocache page for easy reference? You can access a printer-friendly version of each geocache page by clicking on the appropriate link just under the area containing the geocache coordinates:
      Simple [No Logs] [5 Logs] [10 Logs]

In addition to choosing how many logs you wish to print out, there are several more ways to customize your display. Try them before you print.

  1. You can choose to hide or show images in the short and long descriptions by clicking the appropriate button at each section.
  2. You can close sections that you do not want to print. Just click on the little black arrow next to the heading of any or all of those sections. Clicking the black arrow again will show the section again. In this image below, we have closed the "Attributes" section.
  3. You can customize the order in which sections are printed by dragging sections to other parts of the document. Put your mouse on the section name, click and hold down your mouse button, and drag the section up or down in the document. In this image below, we are dragging the "Trackable Items" section so it is now above the "Short Description" section.
  4. You can leave the hint encrypted or decrypt it before printing.
  5. You can utilize the "Print Preview" feature of your browser to scale the output, or selectively print only the first page when the 2nd page only contains a line or two.

Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewer Hemlock for initially developing these step by step instructions.

3.10. Search for Other Players

There are several ways to find the profile page of another player.

Often, you can click on their username. This works while on many pages at and it also works in the Groundspeak Forums. A username is clickable when it has been generated by the site and was not typed out by someone else within the text of a geocache log or the text of a forum post.

If you know their username (be careful of exact spelling), you can use this page to get to their profile:

You can either follow the link to their profile page or send them an email message.

If you're uncertain of the exact spelling, you can try:
Once you've entered the first 3 letters of a username, the find function will generate a list of 20 usernames that start with those letters. You must type them exactly as they appear in the username. Spaces in usernames do matter to the find function. For example Eagle Dad and EagleDAD are two different users. And the find function won't yield either of them in the first 20 users if you enter the word eagle. The more letters you're sure of, the quicker you can get to the username.

3.11. Stat Bar Customization

What is a Stat Bar?
Otherwise known as a "stats banner", the stat bar is a small graphic you can use on any web site to display your hide and find counts and a short quote. This is done by copying the stat bar's HTML and inserting it in another web page's HTML.

Where Do I Find My Stat Bar?
You can see your stat bar at My Account page. To customize a stat bar for use on other web sites, view My Stat Bar. This link is also located at My Account page, under the heading Account Options.

At My Stat Bar page, you can choose from one of two logos (the geocaching logo or Signal the Frog) and personalize your stat bar with a with a short quote. After you choose a logo and write a quote, click the "Generate Stat Bar" button to display what your stat bar will look like.

If you like what you see, copy everything in the box below the stat bar and paste it in the HTML of any web site you choose.

But My Web Site/Forum Only Wants the URL--Not Everything
It's very easy to get just your stat bar's URL (its location on the Internet) from the box on the stat bar page. First, let's look at an example of what you'd see in the box after you finish making your stat bar:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="'s+go+geocaching&uid=457aa896-3133-409e-84fa-169764730e22&bg=1" border="0" title="Profile for Signal the Frog" alt="Profile for Signal the Frog"></a>
Notice the red text in the above example. Find this section in what you see on your stat bar page and copy just that.

How Can I Get Another Logo On My Stat Bar?
At this time, the geocaching stat bar has only two logos from which you can choose. However, a geocaching community member has created a free service, called the Statbar Modifier. Through this service, you can submit and use family-friendly logos on your stat bar. Two logos, a random logo from a list, and a background are also possibilities. Please refer to RangerFox's Statbar Modifier site for submittal instructions and a list of features.

What Does the Stat Bar URL Mean?
The stat bar's URL is composed of three things: the text in your quote, your user ID, and the background number. This section is to show you how to change these manually, should you wish to do so.

The URL for the example stat bar is:

The quote text begins with txt= and ends at the ampersand (&). Any spaces are replaced with addition signs (+). Anything not alphanumeric will need to be converted to its HTML equivalent.

Your user ID is the long set of alphanumeric characters and dashes followed by the uid= section. This only changes when you're working with another user's stat bar. A user's ID can be found as part of any hyperlink in referencing that user's account page.

Finally, the background number begins with bg= and is either a 1 or 2.


3.12. User Profiles

There are a few ways to locate other users on our site. You may click on their username from any forum post, geocache listing they own or any log they have posted.

Locating a user profile:

From Hide/Seek page:
1. Click on the "Hide & Seek a Geocache" button on the upper left hand corner of the main page.
2. Scroll the the bottom enter the username in the box to the left of this text "Or, Geocaches found by username:".
3. Click "Find".
4. Locate the user post on that page.
5. Click on the username, the link will take you to their profile page.

From a geocache page:
Click on the username, the link will take you to their profile page.

From a Forum Post:
1. Click on the user name in the upper left hand corner of their post.
2. In the pop up window click "View ******* Public Profile".
(note: if you attempt to open the pop up in a "new window" you will receive an error message. You must just click on the user name.)

3.13. Watchlist and How to Adjust It

A watchlist is a list of users that are watching a specific trackable item or geocache. A user who adds a trackable item or geocache to their watchlist receives a copy of each posted log via email. Owners of these items do not need to use this feature since they will already get a copy of those logs.

How do I add/remove watchlist items?

To add items: You must be logged in. In the upper right hand corner of the Geocache Details page or the Trackable Item page there is a link to "add to watchlist". It will take you to your watchlist page with the confirmation.

To remove items: Click on "My Account" from the left navigation area. Click the "watchlist" link at the top of the page. Click "remove" for any items you would like to remove. Shortcut:

3.14. Watchlist Identity

How can I tell who is watching my geocache?

For privacy reasons we cannot reveal the names of the watchers of your geocache. Sorry.

If you like, post a note on the geocache page requesting the watchers reveal themselves. Since they are watching the geocache, they will all receive your request by email.