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5.4. Mega-Event Classification

[updated 11/12/14]

Mega-Events are the ultimate gatherings for geocachers. Officially, events must surpass the 500 attendee mark to qualify for "Mega" status. Many Mega-Events are held annually, offer plenty of planned activities and attract geocachers from all over the world. Because of the international nature of these gatherings, Mega-Events are included in the Geocaching Weekly Newsletter, regardless of the distance of the event location from your home coordinates.

It is rare for an event to be classified as a Mega-Event if the event is held for the first time. Many Event Caches achieve Mega status after two or more subsequent iterations. Once an event has achieved Mega-Event status, organizers may find it easier to attain Mega-Event status for subsequent iterations of that event. Events that reach Mega-Event status will receive a few exclusive perks only available to Mega-Event organizers such as a dedicated event forum, a custom souvenir, a donation of tracking codes and more.

How do you submit an event for Mega status?

First, please read the Guidelines for Mega-Events. Once you understand the guidelines please create a geocache page and submit it for review. Choose "Event" as your geocache type, complete the standard Event Cache submission procedures, and adhere to all Guidelines for Event Caches. Once your event is created please submit your official request for a Mega-Event status upgrade here:

2015 Mega-Event Request

2016 Mega-Event Request

General Guidelines for Mega-Events:

1. The Mega-Event Cache page will clearly contain the actual location of the event with both coordinates and address. In rare instances, Geocaching HQ will honor exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.

2. Mega-Events take place at one main location and are held on one day. Occasionally, an exception to the duration rule will be made for larger scale events that host the same activities over 2-3 days.  

3. Mega-Event status upgrade requests must be submitted at least eight weeks prior to the event. A decision will be made 4 weeks in advance of the event. Events will not be upgraded to Mega-Event after the event has taken place. On rare occasions, a last minute decision may be made by Geocaching HQ to upgrade an event to Mega status. This is done at the sole discretion of Geocaching. Last minute Mega-Event upgrades only allow the event organizer the use of the Mega-Event icon and do not come with the other benefits of obtaining Mega-Event status. This will ensure that we have time to properly prepare for, promote, and support your event. If Mega-Event status is awarded to your event, Geocaching HQ will change the geocache type on the cache page and all geocachers who log their attendance on will be credited with a Mega-Event icon. We will not award Mega status to events that have already taken place.

4. Every Mega-Event must have a free participation option available to all geocachers that choose to attend. Pricing may reflect the cost to host the event. Mega-Event geocaches, much like every other geocache listing, cannot be published if they do not meet the commercial geocache guidelines.

5. The event title cannot contain any commercialization or the word "Mega". Events that have been awarded Mega-Event status are not permitted to use "Mega" within their event's proper name. The only exception to this rule is events that were named prior to October 2013 who's names already included the word Mega. We do not award Mega status to an event as a means of attracting attendees. The designation of Mega status will only be granted on the merits of the actual event. This is why many events attain Mega status after one or more annual iterations and not during the first year.

6. Mega-Events should support each other and not be scheduled to compete with other nearby Mega-Events.

7. Mega-Events shall include Geocaching as a sponsor on all support materials and web pages you have created for this event. If you have tiers of sponsorship, Geocaching must be at the highest level of sponsorship.

8. If your event has a separate event website, a link should be added at the top level of your site navigation pointing back to the geocache's page on Generally, text that has the words "Mega-Event" plus the GC Code on it will work. Example: "Mega-Event GC22386"

9. Geocaching will be the primary sponsor of the event and the sole listing service sponsor.

10. Mega-Events can be posted online up to one year in advance of the event. If your event has not yet reached Mega-Event status but is expected to reach Mega status, it can be published six months in advance at the discretion of Geocaching HQ.

The above guidelines have been established as a guide for event organizers in their planning process. Geocaching HQ has the final say in Mega-Event upgrades.

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