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1.4. Publication of Geocaches

We understand that it can be a tense time waiting for your new geocache to be published.

Time to begin review process

If you've successfully submitted a geocache for review, and have read the email from, you know that geocache listings are reviewed by community volunteer reviewers. Reviewers strive to begin the review within 7 days of enabling your listing. You may experience longer than normal waiting time in the week following a holiday, or after a large geocaching event. We ask for your patience. Please keep in mind that reviewers are volunteers and sometimes things come up in their lives that delay geocache review.

Communications from the reviewer

Your geocache may be published as submitted, or the reviewer may have questions or concerns which they will post in a log to the geocache page (Reviewer Note). Please read and respond to those questions or concerns. Do this by posting a Reviewer Note on the cache page. All Reviewer notes will delete upon publication.

Possible reasons for a delay

If your enabled listing is not reviewed within 7 days after receiving the initial "Geocache Report Submitted" email, you will want to check that your listing has been submitted and enabled. All of your submitted, unpublished geocaches will appear on this page:, under "Your Geocaches Waiting for Review." If a geocache appears under the "Your Unpublished Disabled Geocaches", you will need to go to the geocache page and enable the listing.

If the geocache does not appear on either list, there may have been an issue with the submission process, and you will want to submit the geocache listing again through this tool:

It is also possible that the geocache was reviewed and because of problems with the geocache, was archived by a reviewer as not publishable. If this has occurred an email will be sent from, so check your inbox. You can also check your profile page for unpublished, archived listings If you disagree with the decision to archive the listing, contact's Appeals Team via or contact the reviewer through their profile page. Include the GC code and explain your point, respectfully.

Geocache submitted, delayed review

If the geocache is enabled and has been awaiting review for 7 days or more, please contact the local reviewer through their profile page, or contact via  Include the GC code of the geocache to expedite the follow up process. 

Note: It is a good idea to verify that you can receive from (sometimes this email is caught by your Spam filter; if so, you can update your Spam settings).  To see what email address is associated with your account, visit Your Account Details, under Your Validated E-Mail Addresses To see what email address is associated with your account, visit Your Account Details, under Your Validated E-Mail Addresses




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