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5.10. Cache review process

Review process

A local reviewer checks your listing against our guidelines and regional policies, but does not visit the physical location of your cache. Typically, review begins within 7 days of the date that you submit your cache. But reviews may take longer in the week after a holiday, or after a large geocaching event.

Tip: Make sure your listing is submitted for review. If it is not submitted, you will find the listing on Your profile page under Your Unpublished Disabled Geocaches.

Communicate with your reviewer

The reviewer may post “Reviewer Notes” with questions or concerns on the geocache page. Work with your reviewer and make the necessary edits to your cache listing so that it can be published. Answer your reviewer’s questions and confirm that you made the required changes by posting your own Reviewer Note on the cache page. You can include a picture to assist with the review by attaching it to your reviewer note. Reviewer Notes and attached pictures are automatically hidden when the cache is published. Make sure that your cache is enabled so that your reviewer can see your notes.

In the case that you cannot come to an agreement with your reviewer, you can submit an appeal.

How to Post a Reviewer Note

After publication

The reviewer does not check your cache page for new logs after your listing is published. However, a reviewer might post a log that asks for your response (such as a request to maintain cache). If a reviewer posts a new note, reply via a "Write Note" log on the cache page. Contact your local reviewer if you have questions.

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