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2.9. Challenge Cache Subjectivity

Challenge caches are sometimes difficult to review for publication due to the subjectivity involved. Meaning, one person’s opinion can differ from another’s, which can cause issues in the review process. One of the major goals of the 2016 guideline update for challenge caches was to reduce some of that subjectivity. However, we can’t completely remove subjectivity from the process. For example:

“A challenge cache needs to appeal to and be attainable by a reasonable number of cachers. Your reviewer may ask for a list of cachers from your area who qualify.”

This guideline aims to ensure that a challenge cache is obtainable by a reasonable number of players. If only a few people can find and log a challenge cache, then it’s almost like a private cache. (And private caches aren’t permitted on the website.)  The “reasonable number” of cachers must reside in the area where your cache is placed.

“Please do not submit a challenge cache in an area where a very similar or identical challenge cache already exists.”

This guideline is intended to prevent the publication of repetitive challenges in the same general area. Think of it as a proximity guideline for challenges. The proximity distance will vary depending on your area. “Very similar” is subjective so that reviewers will be able to determine what is appropriate to publish for an area or not, based on existing nearby challenges.  

Please work with your reviewer to make sure your challenge cache complies with the local interpretation of the guidelines.

Read more details about recent changes to the Challenge Cache Guidelines in the Geocaching Blog.

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