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1.8. Working With the Reviewer: Communication

Each new geocache is reviewed by a community volunteer reviewer before publication. Sometimes, your geocache is published just as you submitted it. At other times, the reviewer may have questions or suggestions for you.

Pay attention to the messages from the reviewer. S/he will often provide you with instructions on how best to communicate. Sometimes, s/he prefers email. You can email people through the website even if you do not have their email address. Just click on their name to go to their Profile Page and you'll see a link to send a message.

Sometimes, s/he prefers that you use a Reviewer Note. These notes become part of the logs on your cache page. Reviewer Notes are automatically hidden when the geocache is published, so that the general public does not see them.

To log a Reviewer Note, look at the Navigation section at the top of your geocache page:
1. Log your visit.
2. Post a Reviewer Note.
3. Submit that log entry.

Please note that after the geocache is published, the reviewer will no longer check your cache page for Reviewer Notes and won't see a note you leave for them.  The exception is if your reviewer posts a note on your cache page because of a concern with the cache and asks you to respond with a note on your cache page.  If they do this, they will be monitoring the page for a response and will see it.  Otherwise, if you need to contact your reviewer after your geocache is published, or for something unrelated to getting your geocache published, you can email them from their profile page (see above).

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