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1.17. Stages and Additional Waypoints

[updated 13 May 2014]

Stages and Waypoints Updated May 2014

In May 2014, the geocache submission process was updated with a new look, feel and overall streamlining. Several key changes for stages and additional waypoints are:

There are three choices for how Physical and Virtual Stages will display:


Updating Posted Coordinates as Physical or Virtual

If you own a multi-stage geocache published prior to May 2014, you should edit your listing to identify your posted coordinates as either Physical or Virtual. This will help protect your placement, improve the accuracy of the planning map and speed up the review of future geocaches. To do this, go to your geocache listing and select "Edit" from the navigation menu on the right. Next to the map, you will see a choice for Physical or Virtual.


Editing or Adding Stages and Waypoints

After you create a geocache listing, you can edit your stages or waypoints, using the "Waypoints tool". In the Navigation section at the top right of the geocache page, click on Waypoints. From here, you can edit your current stages and waypoints or you can add new ones.


To delete or edit a stage or waypoint:

Edit: to the right of the waypoint is a pencil icon, clicking on that will load the waypoint. You can then edit any of the waypoint fields. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit Changes".

Delete: to the right of the waypoint is a red garbage can icon. Clicking on that icon will bring up a warning, "Are you sure you want to remove this waypoint?" Click Okay, and the Waypoint Collection page will reload, with the waypoint deleted. You can also click the boxes to the left of the waypoints, and select "Bulk Remove" to delete several waypoints at a time.     

To add a new stage or waypoint, you can use Quick Entry. Under Quick Entry, if you click on Parking,  the stage numbers, or Final, the waypoints fields will automatically fill,  along with coordinates. Those coordinates will be the current posted coordinates. You must edit them! You may also change any of the automatically generated text. You can use the Quick Entry to automatically fill in the fields for up to 9 Physical stages.  For additional stages, you will have to type in the boxes manually. If your waypoint type is Virtual or Reference point, and you select that from the pull-down menu, you will have to manually fill in the text fields.

When you're finished adding all the waypoint information, press the "Create Waypoint" button.

Many thanks to geocacher Prime Suspect for developing Quick Entry.



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