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1.15. Additional Waypoints

 [updated 03 March 2014]

Additional Waypoints are used to provide parking coordinates, reference points, places where a question is answered as part of geocache design, and the stages and final location of caches with multiple physical locations.

For geocache types with stages such as Unknowns, Multi-Caches, Wherigos, and Letterbox Hybrids, all require that a Final waypoint be entered as the geocache report form is filled in. Sometimes these geocaches will not have a final location different from the listing coordinates.  In that case, just re-enter the listing coordinates. To make it easier for other geocachers to plan new placements nearby, there must also be an additional waypoint at the listing coordinates to show whether there is a physical element there that might block a new placement.

Using the "Waypoints" tool

Log in to your account on and display your geocache page. In the Navigation section at the top right of the geocache page, click on the Waypoints link. This takes you to the Waypoints collection page. 

Choose  a waypoint type - Final Location, Stage of a Multicache, Question to Answer, Reference Point, Parking Area, or Trailhead.  Under Quick Entry, if you click on Parking,  the numbers, or Final, the waypoints fields  will automatically fill,  and there will be coordinates loaded in the coordinate boxes. Those coordinates will be the current listing numbers, you must edit them! You may over-write the automatically generated text if you wish.

There are three choices for how the waypoint will display.

When you're finished adding all the waypoint information, press the "Create Waypoint" button. Do not press the "Archive Waypoint" button, that    will make the waypoint disappear!

To delete or edt a waypoint, return to the Waypoints Collection page. Delete: to the right of the waypoint is a gray garbage can Icon. Clicking on that icon will  bring up Pop up box, "Are you sure you want to remove this waypoint?" Click Okay, and the Waypoints collection page will reload, with the waypoint gone. You can also click the box to the left of the waypoints, and then "Bulk Remove" to delete one waypoint, or several at a time.       Edit: to the right of the waypoint is a pencil icon, clicking on that will load the waypoint. You can then overwrite any of the waypoint fields. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit Changes".


Many thanks to Volunteer Geocache Reviewers gpsfun for initially developing these instructions and to Prime Reviewer for developing Quick Entry.


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