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6.8. Update additional waypoints

To add, edit, or delete waypoints on your cache, select Edit from the Admin Tools on your cache page, then select Add / Edit Waypoints from the top of the page.

Add additional waypoints

There are several different types of waypoints. You can use Quick Entry to pre-fill the form for Parking Areas, Final Locations, and up to 9 physical stages. If you want to create a Reference Point, Trailhead, or Virtual Stage, you must add the waypoints manually or edit the text fields.

Quick Entry and Type menu


  1. Use the Quick Entry to pre-fill the form or choose an option from the Type menu.
  2. Edit the waypoint coordinates (these default to the posted coordinates).
  3. Edit the text fields as desired.
  4. Select Create Waypoint.

Edit waypoints

  1. Select the pencil icon.
  2. Edit fields as desired.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Select Update Waypoint.

Delete waypoints

  1. Select the trashcan icon.
  2. When the warning message appears, select OK.
  3. The page will reload with the waypoint deleted.

Tip: To delete several waypoints at once, select the checkboxes to the left of the waypoints and choose Bulk Remove.

Many thanks to geocacher Prime Suspect for developing the Quick Entry feature.

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