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1.26. Night and UV Geocaches

[Updated Feb 2012]

Night Caches have been designed to be found at night. They can be difficult or impossible to find during the day. For example, you must use a flashlight and follow a series of reflectors to find the final location. Night caches usually have the attribute "night geocache", "recommended at night", and/or "flashlight required." UV geocaches are a variation on night caches where geocachers seeking the cache will need to use a UV flashlight. Geocache owners of UV geocaches must include the UV attribute on the cache page.

Night geocaches are most often listed as Mystery or Puzzle Caches, sometimes as Multi-Caches. The starting coordinates often locate the first of the reflector/UV mark location.

Those who use Pocket Queries (a Premium Member feature), can create a filter using the attributes above, and automate their searches.

When designing a Night Cache, please keep in mind that the hunt for a geocache must include GPS use to a set of accurate coordinates. The location of the container with log must be loaded into the waypoints tool.

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