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2.3. The Benefits of Geocaching for Land Managers

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game that is free to play by anyone. Not only are there benefits for the players (aka geocachers), it also brings benefits for those who manage the land the game is played on.

About Geocachers 

How Geocaching Affects the Local Environment

Geocaching is a great way to encourage people to explore the world around them. From urban areas to parks and trails, geocaching takes people on an adventure—and generally creates no more impact than hiking. By bringing outdoor-minded individuals to less well-known trails and parks, geocaching often supports the goals of Park and Land Managers.

Each geocache is submitted through a review process that ensures that geocache hiders are following all of the Geocache Listing Requirements and Guidelines. These guidelines were developed to protect not only geocachers, but also the lands on which geocaches are placed. Here are a sampling of guidelines that were created to make sure geocaching is beneficial for land managers:

  1. All local laws and documented land management policies apply.
  2. You assure us that you have the landowner's and/or land manager's permission before you hide any geocache, whether placed on private or public property.
  3. Geocaches are never buried, neither partially nor completely.
  4. Geocache placements do not damage, deface or destroy public or private property.
  5. Wildlife and the natural environment are not harmed in the pursuit of geocaching.
  6. Geocaches are not placed in restricted, prohibited or otherwise inappropriate locations.

Getting Started

In addition, Land Managers and Law Enforcement can receive a Free Geocaching Premium account to monitor all activity in their region and make sure it fits local guidelines.

Examples of Agency/Geocaching partnerships


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