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3.11. Grandfathered Geocaches

What does "grandfathered" mean?

In geocaching terms, the word "grandfathered" means to grant a special exception. More clearly, to "grandfather" something is to allow certain situations to exist based on an older rule (this is the "grandfather clause") even though a new rule is currently in place. 

For example, geocache types like Virtual Geocaches and Webcams are no longer accepted as new listings today, but those that already exist remain as "grandfathered" geocaches as long as they continue to be maintained by their owners and are good for the game. Even grandfathered caches should continue to be good examples of geocaching. If they aren't, they are eligible to be archived regardless of their grandfathered status. 

How do I hide a new Virtual, Webcam or Locationless geocache? I don't see these options on the form. no longer accepts new submissions of these geocache types. Existing Virtual and Webcam geocaches are "grandfathered" and are still available for you to log. All the Locationless geocaches were archived and locked in January 2006. The new home for these types of geocaches is

I found a place that meets the requirements for one of the old Locationless geocaches. How do I log it?

You can't log it at because all Locationless geocaches are closed to new logs. Search to see whether the same category exists there. Many, but not all, of the Locationless geocaches were converted into Waymarking categories.

Moving geocaches

Moving caches, also called travelling caches, are Traditional geocaches that are moved to a new location by the finder. This practice has led to saturation conflicts, complications with land managers and other problems. Therefore it is no longer allowed to create new moving caches. Existing moving caches need to follow two main requirements:

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