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2.2. Reporting a Geocache

If a geocache has been found placed in an unsuitable location, please contact us through our web portal and select "Legal" as the subject category, or call us at 206.971.0544. Please include the the geocache name, GC Code (GCXXXX), location, or any other information that might assist us in identifying the correct cache. A representative will respond as soon as possible regarding the matter. 
Our guidelines for placing a geocache do warn geocache owners of potential inappropriate locations in which to place geocaches. Geocaches should not be placed in areas that are sensitive due to their proximity to a public structure, including and not limited to, highway bridges, major roadways, dams, government buildings, schools, military installations, hospitals, airports and other such locations. While geocache Reviewers do work to make sure that our guidelines are being followed, the areas in which geocaches are hidden are often so unique as to make a full compliance of our guidelines difficult to judge. Geocache owners retain all responsibility for their listings. However, geocachers who come across a cache hidden inappropriately are encouraged to notify us immediately, at which point we will archive the cache from our site. 

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