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5.9. Trip planner: Geocaches along a route

Entering destinations using the text boxes:

(Please note that each route must be less than 500 miles or 800 km.)

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Create New Route" tab.
  3. Type in a route name and click "Create Route".
  4. Enter a start and end point in the text boxes. You may use any combination of street address, state/province, country and postal code.
  5. Click "Search" and continue with instructions as outlined in our instructional video below. 

To edit the page:

  1. You may edit the name of your route in the text box under "Route Name".
  2. Enter a description and keyword(s) for the route (optional).
  3. If you want other geocachers to be able to view the route, check the box "Include in the Public Directory".
  4. Save the route to view later or, to begin downloading a list of the geocaches along the route, continue below in "Add your route to your GPS unit".

Add Your Route to Your GPS Device:

  1. Click "Create Pocket Query".
  2. Name the Pocket Query (query name may be different from route name).
  3. Choose the day of the week that you want the query to run and select how often you want it to run.* If you would like to only run it one, choose the current day of the week as specified by the "Server Time" and select "Run this query once then delete it".
  4. Use the sliding "Search Radius" scale to choose the distance to search for geocaches on either side of the route.
  5. Use the sliding "Show Me" scale to choose how many geocaches you want to see on either side of the route.
  6. Choose the Geocache Type(s) and Container Type(s) that you want to see, or leave "Any Type" checked to see all.
  7. Choose your Filter Options.
  8. Select a terrain and difficulty range within which you want to search.
  9. Under "Placed during", create any date requirements. You can use this feature to search for geocaches that are new since your last trip on the route.
  10. Choose attributes to include or exclude. Please remember that not all caches are listed with attributes, so this will limit the results returned to you.
  11. Choose the email address where you want to receive the Query results and the format you wish to receive.
  12. Click "Submit information".
  13. You will receive an email with a download link that you can then use with your GPS device.

* "Uncheck the day of the week after the query runs" will run the query once and save it for later, allowing you to manually run the query at later dates, while "Run this query once and then delete it" will not save the query.

Learn more about Geocaches Along a Route: Video

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