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1.6. How do I create/delete an Offline List?

An Offline List is great for using your phone in poor reception areas.

  1. Navigate to a cache page that you would like to save. 
  2. Select the three dots (...) in the upper right-hand corner and then select 'Save to Offline List'. 
  3. You can either add this caches to a list that you already have or create and name a new list.
  4. You can also save geocache results on a map for offline use.

Once you have done this you will be able to use your iPhone to find geocaches while offline.

You can save a list of geocaches.

From there you can save to an existing list, or create a new one.

You can save a single geocache.


Or you can save search results from the Map.


To delete a list:

  1. Tap the Saved tab
  2. Tap the list you want to remove 
  3. Tap the three dots (...)
  4. Tap "Delete this list"
  5. Select Delete List

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