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6.1. Tracking Code Policy

Groundspeak's Tracking Code Policy

This is current as of May 2014. More information regarding our policy can be found at our discussion forum.

Design Considerations

  1. The final design of each Geocoin must be approved by Geocaching prior to production. Designs must be family-friendly and may not include modified versions of the logo.
  2. Use of the logo is not required. However, if you wish to use the logo, the ® trademark symbol must appear as part of the logo. Feel free to use the logo on Trackables with no additional charge/licensing fee.
  3. All Trackables must bear the text "Trackable on" or "Track on"
  4. All design submissions must be the property of the owner or used with the owner's permission.

Order Details

  1. Generally, Personal Geocoin/Trackable codes will begin with the "PC" prefix and will be named "Personal Geocoin."
  2. If 50 codes or more are ordered, a custom name may be requested and a custom icon may be ordered (details below).
  3. If 50 codes or more are ordered for a geocaching event, a custom name may be requested, a custom icon may be ordered and the "EV" prefix may be requested.
  4. If 1000 codes or more are ordered, a custom name may be requested, a custom icon may be ordered and a custom prefix may be requested.
  5. A custom activation code may be requested for any series of 100 coins or more. The activation code must be the same for all coins in the series and is limited to 10 alphanumeric digits.

Custom Coin Icons

  1. Available for geocaching organizations, associations, commercial coin groups and personal Trackables.
  2. The cost for a custom icon to be associated with your trackable is a one time fee of USD $150. The icon design will need to be supplied to us in GIF format (non-animated) in the following pixel sizes: 16x16 and 32x32
  3. All icon submissions must be the property of the owner or used with the owner's permission.
  4. The minimum order is 50 codes.
  5. If no custom icon is ordered, the generic icon will be used with your series.

Generic icon: Event Icon: Sample Custom Icons:

Custom Code Series

Following the first order of 1000 codes for a custom prefix series, future orders for the same custom prefix with a new icon only require a 100-code minimum.

Cost and Details

  1. The cost per tracking number is US$1.50 and can be paid via PayPal.
  2. There is a 50-code minimum purchase required, although custom prefixes require a 1000-code minimum order.
  3. Note that some of the coin manufacturers listed have purchased blocks of PC and EV codes for resale in smaller quantities. These numbers may be split between coins but each individual coin design must be approved prior to production. (Special Note as of September 2008: it seems that most, if not all, of the Geocoin manufacturers are no longer reselling smaller batches of codes. If we hear of any of them who are, we will include their info here).
  4. Codes with corresponding activation codes will be emailed in a TXT file although an Excel file may also be requested.
  5. It generally takes five to ten days to process the tracking number order.

Custom/Promotional Text

As of September 2015, we are now offering the option add Custom/Promotional Text on a tracking code series. This is a one-time series fee of $400.

Selling Trackables

You can sell your Trackables for profit or otherwise.

If your coin is non-trackable and bears the logo, it may NOT be sold unless specific written permission has been obtained from Groundspeak to sell the coin.

To Get Started

  1. Please send your trackable design and orders to Groundspeak ( for review.
  2. If you have chosen a coin manufacturer to produce your coins, please let us know which one you have chosen.
  3. Let us know the desired quantity, desired Trackable name and desired code prefix (if applicable).

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