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6.2. Trackable code policy

The basics

Geocaching HQ only sells trackable codes in bulk. The minimum order is 50 codes, and each code costs $1.50 (USD). To buy codes, submit an order form with your trackable details and design.

Typically, orders take 2 business days to process. We’ll send you an email when your design is approved. We’ll provide a CSV file with your trackable codes, activation codes, and series numbers. And don’t worry about trackable pages. For each code that you purchase. we’ll automatically create a unique page on our website and app.

Design and manufacture

Geocaching HQ does not design or manufacture custom game pieces. We only approve trackable designs and generate codes. Contact a manufacturer to order physical game pieces in bulk. To make one item trackable, browse Travel Bug® trackable sets on Shop Geocaching or one of our official retailers.

Ordering bulk codes

When you're logged into your account, you can visit our online store to order bulk codes. You can also find a link to this store from under the Geocoins menu.

Order requirements

All content in your trackable design must

Action text

Your trackable design must include text that directs people to our website. For example, “Track on” We want people to know where they can learn more about the trackable and the game. This helps teach new geocachers to grab and drop trackables, instead of keeping them as swag items.

Geocaching logos

Geocaching HQ owns the trademarks and copyrights for a number of logos and the icons found on our website. Our Geocaching logo and Travel Bug logo are federally registered trademarks. You can use the Geocaching logo, Signal The Frog® logo, Cache In Trash Out® logo or the cache type icons (all together, “Geocaching HQ Property”) in your design subject to the following requirements:

Additionally, you agree that Geocaching HQ shall have no liability for and that you will defend, indemnify and hold Geocaching HQ harmless against any and all damages, liabilities attorneys’ fees or costs incurred by Geocaching HQ arising out of or in any way connected with: the design, creation, manufacture, sale, distribution, labeling or advertisement of any product or design of yours that includes a trackable code and/or any Geocaching HQ Property.  

If you’d like to use the Travel Bug® logo, email The EarthCache logo is not owned by Geocaching HQ. If you’re interested in using it, please go to for information on seeking permission.

Trackable code resale

You may not resell trackable codes. If you own unused codes, let us know! We can apply them to your next trackable series.

If we determine that you have resold trackable codes, we may remove the codes from and revoke your purchasing privileges.

It’s okay to resell trackable game pieces. However, if your geocoin is not trackable and has the Geocaching logo, you may not sell it without written permission from Geocaching HQ.

This policy and the pricing contained in it are subject to change at any time.

Trackable code refunds

If you want to receive a refund for trackable codes, you must email with the request within 30 days of the transaction date. The transaction date is the date that your payment method is processed. It is listed in your email receipt. View the entire trackable code refund policy for more information.

Custom features

Personalize your trackables with custom icons, promotional text, and more!

Custom icon $150 (USD) Please provide the image file in 2 sizes, 16×16 px and 32×32 px. Must be in GIF format.
Custom activation code Free Must be 10 alphanumeric digits or fewer.
Custom prefix Free Must be 2 alphanumeric digits. If you reuse a custom prefix, you can still request a new icon.
“EV” prefix Free Only for trackables at geocache events.
Custom or promotional text $400 (USD) To order custom text, email after you submit your order. Custom text appears on your trackable pages to explain or promote your trackable theme. It may include 10 lines of text, 3 clickable links, and 1 image in GIF format. Maximum image size is 250×400 px. We allow 1 update to custom text after the series goes live.

Examples of custom trackable icons

custom iconcustom iconcustom iconcustom iconcustom icon

Default icon

default icon

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