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4.3. Geocaching Live Access and Restrictions

Geocaching HQ is working with select third-party application developers to offer the Public API. Check the Geocaching Live page for a current list of supported applications.

Basic Member Restrictions Basic Members are provided access to 3 full Traditional geocache descriptions per day through the API, with restricted geocache filtering options. After reaching this limit Basic Members may continue to retrieve "light" geocache data, including coordinates, geocache name, and difficulty/terrain information. Under most circumstances this is enough access to continue using the application to find Traditional geocaches. All other functionality such as logging geocaches and Trackables are unrestricted for Basic Members.

Premium Member Access Premium Members enjoy an upgraded experience with applications using the Geocaching Live API. Full geocache data, including descriptions and logs for all geocache types is available to Premium Members regardless of the platform. Becoming a Premium Member of is the best way to take full advantage of any application connecting to the website through Geocaching Live.

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