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3.2. EarthCache Logging Requirements

An EarthCache must include logging tasks which relate to - and help teach - the Earth Science lesson. The logging tasks should be stringent enough that they can only be completed by geocachers who have visited the EarthCache site. Requiring a photograph of the geocacher as proof that they were at the EarthCache site is not permitted, and this has not beenĀ grandfathered for older EarthCache listings. However, photographic tasks will be considered if they relate specifically to the Earth Science lesson.

When setting logging tasks, keep in mind that their purpose is for geocachers to demonstrate that learning has occurred. Good logging tasks involve the use of open questions, like "what/why/how do you think...?"

Taking a measurement or recording data is a satisfactory logging task only if it is directly related to a specific Earth Science lesson. Please note that certain questions, such as stating an elevation reading, can be easily determined from a topo map and therefore could be answered without visiting the site. In these instances your reviewer may direct you to include a question which can only be answered by visiting the site.

An EarthCache listing should assume no prior knowledge of Geology. A question such as "identify the type of rock found here" is not an acceptable logging task. A better logging task would be "You will find a strip of light coloured, opaque minerals running through the middle of this rock. Measure the width of this quartz vein."

Asking geocachers to complete internet research is also not a valid logging task, as it does not relate to what visitors will experience at the site.

Important: Please remember to add the answers to your logging tasks in a Reviewer Note on the geocache page. All Reviewer Notes are auto-deleted when a geocache is published.

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