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1.13. How do I use Pocket Queries on the iPhone app? Premium Members have the ability to download their Pocket Queries directly on the application. Pocket Queries are custom geocache searches around a specific location. Each query can include up to 1000 geocache listings.

Steps for accessing a Pocket Query on the iPhone:
  1. On the website, visit to create a Pocket Query. Choose to receive the results in .GPX format.
  2. After the Pocket Query has been run, log in to your account from the iPhone application's settings page ('Menu' > 'Settings).
  3. Close this page and select the 'Pocket Queries' button at the bottom of the home screen.
  4. Select the Pocket Query that you would like to access.
  5. Select the (...) Menu, located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. Select "Save to Offline List".
  7. Choose "Create New List" or add these caches to an existing list, by selecting an appropriate list under "Add to an Existing List". Select "Save".
  8. Select the name of the Pocket Query to access the results, under the "Saved" tab.
Options for Pocket Query results:

Map Button Shows all the results of the Pocket Query on a map. Clicking on a cache icon from the map will provide basic information on the geocache and give you the option to visit the listing.

(...) Menu Button

  1. Delete this list - Delete the Pocket Query from your device.
  2. Sort by - Choose to sort the Pocket Query results by:

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