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3.4. Trackable Collections

[update 14 January 2012]


Trackable owners have the option to set the status of their owned trackable items as "Collectible" or "Non-Collectible."  This is done from the "Edit this Trackable Item" link on the trackable listing. 

What is the benefit

Collectible functionality allows the trackable to be in a geocacher's collection rather than moving from geocache to geocache. Trackables that are in a collection do not show in the "inventory" field when logging a geocache. This shortens your inventory to trackables that you've picked up to move. Trackables in a collection can only be discovered, they cannot be grabbed, dropped or dipped (visit a geocache). You can allow another geocacher to collect a trackable that you own.

Managing your Trackables

To move a trackable to your collection, first visit the trackable listing, and on the edit page, make the item collectible. This is a check box on the edit page. You can then move to collection as a log, available on the trackable listing page (not the log page). Or, once edited to collectible, you can visit Your Trackable Inventory page and select "Move to Collection". 

To move a trackable back to your inventory (giving it the ability to move to a geocache), visit  Your Trackables Collection and select "Move to Inventory." This can also be done from the trackable listing. If you leave its status as collectible, once in a geocache and grabbed by another user, they can then move the trackable into their own collection - so if you want the item to move, you should revisit the edit page, and set the status to non-collectible.



Can Be Collected
Cannot Be Collected
Status Types
Collectible Non-Collectible Unknown

The coin may be collected by another player or the owner.

The coin cannot be collected and should continue its travels from geocache to geocache. The owner did not choose Collectible or Non-Collectible upon activation.  These items cannot be collected by another player.


You will receive an email when a trackable you own has been added to a collection.


A trackable Item owner may change the status of a trackable item from Collectible to Non-Collectible at any time at their discretion.

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