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3.17. Older Web Browsers

We no longer support certain older browsers, including Internet Explorer 8 and below. Unfortunately, this may affect later versions of Internet Explorer that are using Compatibility Mode. In this mode, the browser will look and act like Internet Explorer 7.

To turn off compatibility mode:

  • Click the icon that looks like a torn piece of paper to the right of the address bar

If that doesn't work:

  • Open the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings
  • Remove from the list of "Websites you've added to Compatibility View" if it's there
  • Make sure the box labeled "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is unchecked

You can check what browser version you're currently running at

Older browsers aren't fully compatible with many modern web applications. ​We encourage you to upgrade to any of the following supported web browsers: 

What happens if I don't upgrade?

New features in Geocaching, Waymarking and Wherigo may not be available in your browser, and some features may even stop working. Groundspeak's websites will be available "as is" for older browsers, and Groundspeak won't be able to respond to any feature requests or fix many bugs on those browsers.

It's important to upgrade to help avoid any negative impact or feature limitations.

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