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6.13. Delete logs

Cache owners may delete geocache logs if they conflict with our Terms of Use Agreement or fail to meet the logging guidelines. If you delete a log in error, ask your local reviewer to restore the log, or contact us.

Email the log owner

Before or immediately after you delete a log, email the log owner to explain your concerns. If the log or photos contain spoilers, invite the log owner to edit the log. If you have already deleted the log, invite them to post another log without spoilers.

If a log contains obscene or threatening language, delete it immediately. If you prefer not to email the log owner, contact us for assistance.

Permanently encrypt a log

Many logging errors are simple mistakes. Instead of deleting a log, you can choose to permanently encrypt it. Select View Log to open the log in a separate page. Then, select the Permanently Encrypt padlock.

Needs Maintenance and Needs Archived logs

Deleting a Needs Maintenance log does not remove the Needs Maintenance icon.

Similarly, deleting a Needs Archived log does not prevent a reviewer from archiving your cache. Needs Archived logs are automatically forwarded to reviewers.

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