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5.4. Instant notifications

Want to keep up on all the new geocaches in your area? Want to keep an eye out for local Event Geocaches? With Instant Notifications, you can! This Geocaching Premium feature allows you to create custom notifications to send to any email address you choose. Select a location and geocache type(s) and you will be alerted immediately when a new geocache that meets your specifications is published. 

How to set up an Instant Notifications:

Option 1: To a data-enabled phone

  1. Visit the Instant Notifications page to add a new notification. 
  2. Select geocache and log types to watch. If you want to be alerted to newly published geocaches, select the log type "publish listing."
  3. Set the location (central point) and distance (around that point) you want to watch.
  4. Check the email listed in the "Send to" drop-down menu. (If you would like to send Instant Notifications to an alternate email,you will need to manage your email addresses first.)
  5. Check "Enable Notifications".
  6. Click the "Create Notification" button.

Note: The speed with which you receive Instant Notifications is dependent on the frequency that your phone checks for email.

Option 2: To a basic SMS-enabled phone

  1. To find the email address associated with your phone number, check this page, or search the internet for "email-to-SMS," followed by the name of your cellular service provider. You should be able to find details regarding how your mobile service provider configures their email-to-SMS addresses. The address will typically be your ten-digit phone number followed by some version of ""
  2. Sign in to your Geocaching Premium account and visit your Account Details page. Find the box that says "Your Validated E-Mail Addresses" and click on "Change."
  3. Enter your email-to-SMS address and your password. Click "Add Email Address."
  4. A text message that includes an email account validation link will be sent to your phone. Click on the link to validate (to do so, you will need to have internet access on your phone).
  5. Visit the Instant Notification page to add a new notification. You will have to select a geocache type and log types to watch. If you want to be alerted to newly published caches, select the log type "publish listing."
  6. Set the location (central point) and distance (around that point) you want to watch.
  7. Select your email-to-SMS address in the "Send to" dropdown.
  8. Make sure "Enable Notifications" is checked and then hit the "Create Notification" button.

Start this process again from step 5 to set up additional notifications. You can set up 40 notifications max.


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