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1.1. Benefits of Geocaching Premium

[Updated October 2016] began as a hobby site 16 years ago with 75 geocaches. It is now a feature rich website and mobile app, supporting a global geocaching community with millions of players. Today, there are nearly 3 million geocaches placed worldwide. These geocaches are logged collectively 100 million times each year—representing 100 million moments of discovery, exploration, and adventure, to be enjoyed and shared by family and friends all over the world.

Geocaching HQ remains a strong, independent organization. This company is committed to building the best tools and services for geocachers to create, share and play this game.

What makes all of this possible? We are able to do this work thanks to the ongoing support of Premium members.

In addition to supporting the game, Premium members also enjoy access to more features,more geocaches, and exclusive special offers.

See a list of the advantages of Premium membership here.

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