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2.2. Displaying Several Trackables on the Same Page, Good For Races

Many people keep careful track of mileage in order to see which Trackable  has traveled the farthest. Some people do this for "travel bug races" and other such contests.

There are many ways to do this, of course. If you are handy with HTML and have some webspace, one effective way results in this kind of display, below. Those distance totals and location indicators will update each time the trackable item moves.

  1. Find the GUID of all the Trackables you want to include.
  2. Insert that GUID at the end of this URL format:
    That is, in the above example, replace everything after "guid=" with the guid number of your own Trackable Items.
  3. For example:
    <img src="">
    The code above will produce this image below:
  4. Repeat this process for all the Trackables you like.
  5. Include proper HTML formatting for how you want your page to be displayed. The array below includes code to link each graphic to the web page for the Trackable. This display requires that you have an image set as the default "Bug Image."

 Cindy (The CinderBlock)   Geocoin Club November 2007 Geocoin   a frog geocoin   Rally for America   2007 Groundspeak Lackey Geocoin


For example, have a look at the 2011 GONIL Travel Bug Race and how they use this functionality. (GONIL = Geocachers of Northeastern Illinois)

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