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5.7. Create a Pocket Query

Premium Members can use the Pocket Query (PQ) feature to create a list to download to their GPS device. A PQ can include up to 1000 caches according to the filters you choose.

Tip: Premium Members can also create a Pocket Query from the map view.

Create a basic Pocket Query

To decide what is effective for you, start with a basic Pocket Query and see how it works before creating a more complex one. It’s a common mistake is to check too many boxes so that you get no results at all.

Follow these steps to create a basic Pocket Query for caches near your home:

  1. Go to the Pocket Query page.
  2. Choose My Home Location in the From Origin section.
  3. Select Submit Information at the bottom of the page.
  4. Read up on advanced options and filters to customize your PQ.
  5. Find the link to preview your PQ results at the top of the page.

Find your PQ in Your Pocket Queries. Edit it by clicking the name or delete it by selecting the checkbox on the left and selecting Delete Selected at the bottom of the list.

Tip: If you want to download your PQ results to your GPS, you must choose a weekday from the Days to Generate section. 

Popular Pocket Queries

Geocaches published within the past 7 days

  1. Go to the Pocket Query page.
  2. Choose a weekday when you want to receive new results from the Days to Generate section.
  3. Choose My Home Location from the From Origin section.
  4. Choose a radius under Within a Radius of.
  5. Choose the last week from the Placed During section.
  6. Select Submit Information at the bottom of the page.

Wheelchair accessible geocaches

  1. Go to the Pocket Query page.
  2. Choose Terrain is equal to 1 from Terrain drop down.
  3. Choose My Home Location from the From Origin section.
  4. Unter Attributes to Include, choose the Wheelchair Accessible attribute.
  5. Select Submit Information at the bottom of the page.

My Finds

This special PQ returns all geocaches you found, including archived geocaches, and your log entries. My Finds does not include Lab Caches. Find your My Finds below your regular PQs on your Pocket Query page and select Add to Queue to run it.

My Finds below regular PQs

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