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2.2. Creating Your First Pocket Query - Steps

These steps will help you create and receive a Pocket Query that will offer the most results for your chosen location. These filters are provided to refine searches as needed for different geocache types, containers, attributes, etc.

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click on "Play" in the top bar navigation and then "Pocket Queries".
  3. Click on "Create a new Query."
  4. Enter a name for the Query so it is easy to identify later. e.g. "Targets for our July vacation" or "Multi-Caches with Trackables Near Home."
  5. Choose the day of the week on which you want to receive the Query. IMPORTANT: You will not receive a Pocket Query email with these results if you do not select a day for delivery. *
  6. Choose how you'd often you'd like the Query to run.  "Un-check the day of the week after the query runs" allows you to run a PQ once and save it in your list of PQs for later use. **
  7. Enter the number of geocache listings you'd like receive, up to 1000.
  8. Keep "Any Type" selected to ensure you get all geocache listings, OR click some options to filter the results.
  9. Keep "Any Container" selected to ensure you get all geocache listings, OR click some options to filter the results.
  10. Under "That," select "Is Enabled" and leave all other boxes unchecked, OR click some other options to further filter the results.
  11. In order to receive listings for all terrains and difficulties, keep the Difficulty and Terrain ratings unchecked.
  12. Scroll down to "From Origin" and select the option that gives you the best center point of the location where you'd like to geocache. If you know the coordinates of the center point, this option will be the most accurate.
  13. Enter the radius of the area where you'd like to search.
  14. Leaving the "Placed During" options unchecked will offer the most results.
  15. Leaving the attributes unchecked will offer the most results.
  16. Under "In the format," you have the choice of either the GPX or the LOC results. GPX results will offer more information about the geocache listing including hints and logs. If you'd prefer to receive only the coordinates of the geocache location, select TopoGrafix LOC Format from the drop-down menu.
  17. You're all set! Click "Submit Information."
  18. After you hit "Submit Information," a link will appear at the top of the page allowing you to "preview the search." Click on this link and you will see all the geocache listings that you will receive either in a download link via email or instant download*** in either GPX or LOC format. If you want to make any changes to the Pocket Query, click on the "Edit" link at the top of the preview page.
A Tip for maximizing your Pocket Queries:
You can only run ten Pocket Queries in one day.  However, you can create as many Pocket Queries as you want for one-off or future use, but you may only store 40 queries at one time.  You can manage them effectively by using the "Un-check the day of the week after the query runs" option in the top section of the "Edit Pocket Query" page.  

This option allows you to create one-off pocket queries for special trips or events.  If, for example, your family takes a yearly trip to a summer cabin at the lake, create a "Lake Trip" Pocket Query, and activate it the week before you travel by checking the day of the week you want to receive the Pocket Query email.  Select the above "Un-check" option, so that you do not continue to get this Pocket Query every other week of the year.  You can follow this process each year to receive the updated list of geocaches specific to that time and place.


* Step 6: For testing purposes, do not select a day of the week. You can run multiple test queries to ensure that you will receive the desired results, and then select a day of the week to run the pocket query and receive email notification.

** Step 7: This will offer you the chance to receive weekly emails with updated results to help keep you informed of new geocache listings in this area. Clicking on the option to "Un-check the day of the week after the query runs" will save the Query you've just built. You can choose to run it again the next time you want an updated list. This is handy when you'd prefer not to receive fresh Pocket Query results every week.

*** Step 18: You will receive an email with a download link that you can then use with your GPS device. Please note that you can download all Pocket Query results generated, regardless of size, from the "Pocket Queries Ready for Download" queue for up to seven days.

If you already understand the basics of how to create a Pocket Query and want even more in-depth information, take a look at Markwell's detailed explanation.

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